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Beli Produk Digital Curation Cloud 2.201, Klaim Promo - Apakah Kamu sedang mencari sebuah Aplikasi Web Bisnis? Mungkin info di bawah ini adalah yang Anda cari. Curation Cloud 2.201 -Mencuri Konten Secara Legal?

Curation Cloud 2.021 Review – Key Features

1/ The Curation Cloud Content Finder

With this option, you will be able to start searching for quality content right away. This content finder is super easy to use and all you need is just to enter your keyword topic, select your parameters and hit search.

Parameters you can choose from include:

  •   Keyword search
  •   Time of content freshness (24 hours, 7 days, or forever)
  •   Sort by date or popularity
  •   Choose content source
  •   Minimum word count
  •   Only show content that has images

By using these parameters, you’ll instantly have all sorts of content available at your fingertips to curate from at a moment’s notice.

2/ Auto Post To WordPress Sites

Curation Cloud 2.021 works seamlessly with your WordPress sites and you can connect your sites to the software in minutes. This is a great way to fill up existing sites with content or get new ones up and running quickly.

Just do a quick keyword search for your site’s topic. Once you’re done, choose to auto post content to your sites on any schedule you wish.

3/ Multiple Scheduling Options For Full Flexibility

This feature helps you out with keeping a calendar and preparing content in advance. The in-built scheduler lets you post out as far as you like. You can create content for the next 2 years if you like, literally no limit.

Also, you have full control of your pre-scheduled posts, in case you change your mind, you just need to find the post on the app calendar and edit.

4/ Posts To The Most Popular Social Accounts

Curation Cloud 2.021 integrates nicely with some of the most popular high traffic social sites online. This way you can not only use Curation Cloud for your blogs, but also for any social site individually.

Use it with LinkedIn to keep business contacts engaged or with Blogger to build another site. The choice is yours.

Here’s a list of all the social media sites included: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Imgur, Blogger, Reddit

5/ Know Exactly How Your Posts Will Look On Every Social Media Platform

Curation Cloud 2.021 lets you preview your post for social media that you can check if your posts look tempting to your audience. Simply select a social platform and the app shows you what it looks like.

This way you can make sure you look professional while creating engaging content that wows and draws in your readers with ease.

6/ Choose Multiple Of Single Accounts To Post To Anytime

Every post you make in Curation Cloud 2.021 will go exactly where you want it every single time. Before publishing, you can choose any specific networks and let the post go live with just a click of your mouse. Obviously, Curation Cloud 2.021 gives you true customization for your posting needs right out the gate.

7/ Citations Are Automatically Added For You

Whenever you’re curating content, you must always include a link back to the source. You are fully protected from violating the internet rules, get ruined by the internet police or risk your accounts being shut down because Curation Cloud 2.021 automatically includes a link back to the source for any content you post. This way you can post to your sites and networks with peace of mind.

8/ Build Multiple Backlinks Easily And Automatically

(And Get Better Rankings and Traffic.)

The beauty of Curation Cloud 2.021 is that it helps to build backlinks to any WP blog you have. When you select an item to curate to your site and choose your social media accounts to post to, Curation Cloud 2.021 will post to your site and then use all your social media accounts to link back to your site with the story.

So, your site will link to the original source, but all the social media accounts will link to you! When this happens, you’ll start to siphon traffic from all over the internet and get backlink love from the major social media sites.

9/ Publish Posts Immediately Or Schedule For Later

Every post you create in Curation Cloud 2.021 gives you the option of when you want to make it go live. Just click the button to publish immediately or click schedule to open the calendar in Curation Cloud 2.021.

If you want to post it later, select your date and time, click OK and you’re good to go. You’ve got instant content that posts on autopilot. No guesswork needed.

10/ Automatically Choose Which Social Buttons To Add To Your WP Post

You’re sure to get a lot of love from the social media networks you’ll be posting to with Curation Cloud 2.021. But why stop there? Especially when there’s more traffic for the taking!

That’s why before you publish your post, you can choose which social sharing buttons you want to include with your post as well. This way any traffic that comes to your site can also share on their social media profiles too.

It’s just another way to help your posts get even more traffic with less work!

11/ Select Your Image And Make Your Post Stand Out

You know, people stay on sites that have images in the posts than those that don’t. Interestingly, with the help of Curation Cloud 2.021, you can simply pull back any images for the content you’re curating. If there’s multiple images, you can select which one you want to include in your post and Curation Cloud 2.021 will auto place the image for you in the content.

It only takes a second to do and one click of your mouse and you’ve got a good-looking curated post in an instant.

12/ Curation Cloud Gives You True Set And Forget Autopilot Content And Traffic

The beauty of Curation Cloud 2.021 is that it helps you become a curation expert fast without having to work hard. You can literally do a search, schedule your posts, and watch the results come in from SEO and social media on autopilot.

Spend a few minutes a day using the software and you can have the equivalent of a month’s worth of post for your blogs and social media in absolutely no time.

13/ 100% Cloud Based So There’s Nothing To Install

When you get access to Curation Cloud 2.021 today, you’ll be able to start using it immediately. There are no messy downloads to install regardless of whether you’re using Mac, PC, Android, or Apple devices.

Everything with Curation Cloud 2.021 runs smoothly in the cloud and allows you to build your blogs and social posts from anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s great for working at home or even if you’re traveling the world!

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  • Membuat Artikel Secara Instant
  • Rank 1 page google
  • Traffict
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